I joined Evernote the same week as the billion-dollar valuation announcement. It was an exciting time of growth and maturing for the company, with new complimentary app experiences deployed. I was hired to design Evernote Hello.

I held the role of Lead Mobile Designer and worked closely with a Product Manager and Lead Developer. This ternion allowed for research, ideation, and iteration at incredible speed. Evernote Hello's features included business card scanning, profile scanning, and proximity. When a user met someone, they could exchange information, and then the app would actively build a profile of that new person in the background.

We used the Evernote Hello app as a platform for testing these features before integrating them into the Evernote product. Our strategy was to have a fully adopted and stable feature set, as not to compromise the integrity of our main product. This strategy allowed me the flexibility to rapidly test and iterate new features, generally on Android first. Once we had stability on Android, we'd adapt and deploy for iOS.

My core responsibilities included research, both generative and qualitative, creating user flows, sitemaps, and wireframes. It also included presenting all ideas and designs to our CEO, Phil Libin, using high-fidelity mockups as my collateral. This level of executive buy-in helped me hone presentation skills, and better understand the level of fidelity an executive wanted/needed to make decisions. I also used the mockups for testing purposes both in the field and on usertesting.com.

Evernote Hello was available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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