Autodesk Account is a crucial property for the company as every customer accesses it to manage their licenses. The property had issues, Autodesk underfunded it, customers hated it, and it needed to be re-architected to shift to a subscription-based business model. That's why Autodesk hired me.

As Senior Manager of User Experience, I led a multidisciplinary design team consisting of Architects, Interaction Designers, a Visual Designer, and Business Analysts. I grew the organization over time to include UX Research and generalized Product Design. When I started, the team was in disarray. Still, through leadership, mentoring, and guidance, my org became an example to the rest of the company for efficiency and quality.

Autodesk Account is a web-based application. Leadership had decided that we would design and develop for twelve to eighteen months and then release a final product. My first challenge was convincing my VP that incremental release was more effective. My solution was using data from interviews to show that customers had lost faith in our ability to deliver. By releasing incrementally, I was able to restore confidence in customers by showing progress. The strategy I formulated is available via Case Study on my portfolio,

I quickly earned the nickname of Change Agent at Autodesk. I observed many Business Units that didn't communicate outside of their silo. This spelled problems for a property that serves all the BUs. I was responsible for creating communication channels that hadn't existed before, and building a culture of cross-silo collaboration. My team and I also worked to centralize some UX functions and provide avenues for all designers across the company to come together to meet, learn, and collaborate.

Autodesk was an incredible company that challenged me to my very core. I feel incredible pride for what I created there, and would love to chat about the experience in greater detail. Please email or DM for more!

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